• Torrell Pauley

Why Choose a Career in Healthcare IT?

It's been 14 years since I started working in the Healthcare IT field, and I've learned so much and had many great experiences over these years.  I want to tell you a few reasons why you should choose a career in Healthcare IT.  This message is for you if you are considering a career in healthcare IT, or trying to get into healthcare IT, or you have just started in healthcare IT.

The relationships I've built over the years stand out to me.  These relationships are important because when you connect and build with other people, you learn and grow as an individual.  Relationships can also come in handy when you need help with something.  Maybe you need help on a project or you are looking for your next job.  Your relationships can help.  I will tell you that based on my experiences, the Healthcare IT field is a small world.  After you are in it for a while, you will start seeing the same people, at different companies and job positions.

You might get to experience things you never thought you would be able to working in Healthcare IT.  For instance, I've had the opportunity to travel across the globe and visit Hong Kong thanks to my career in Healthcare IT.  I've also had the benefit of traveling to many different US states and experience places I've never seen before.  Having a career in Healthcare IT has also allowed me to provide a living for my wife and I.

We will always need Healthcare, and we will always need IT.  So when you combine these 2 fields together, you get something explosive that can help you achieve some of the things you want out of life.  I hope you end up enjoying this field and have as many great experiences as I have.

Take care,

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