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Learning HL7 The Easy Way

Updated: Oct 6, 2019

This article is based on what I learned from the book, HL7 For Busy Professionals. You can check out the above link for a short 6 minute video review I did for the book.

EVN|A04|201904201500|||ID221^Steve_Rogers - Means a new patient is being registered on April 20th 2019 3pm est, by Steve Rogers.

These string of characters are a part of an HL7 message. I define HL7 as a standard form of communication for transferring electronic health information between healthcare applications.

If you work in the Healthcare IT industry, it's a good chance you've heard of HL7 before, but if not, this is your introduction. I've been working in Healthcare IT for the past 14 years, so I'm very familiar with what HL7 is, but I don't actually work with HL7 on my job.

So I began a mini quest to find out just how difficult it would be to learn some of the basics of HL7, and thanks to the book, HL7 For Busy Professionals, it wasn't difficult at all.

I now have a good understanding of what makes up the different parts of a complete HL7 message. But what's even more important is that whenever I see an HL7 message in the future, I know where to look so I can fully understand all the different parts of that message.

HL7 For Busy Professionals is also a great read for the following reasons:

  1. It's not dry and boring

  2. The author tells you exactly what you need to learn

  3. It's not a never-ending book (meaning it's not long at all)

I finished this book in about 10 days, and I enjoyed the process. If you're interested in learning HL7, I highly recommend you pick up this book. If you want to see exactly what I learned from the book, you can get started on your HL7 training here:

HL7 Tutorial for Beginners Part 1: HL7 Standard

Happy HL7 Learning!

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